COVID-19 Measures

As we are all aware the world is facing an uncertain time at the moment with the outbreak of COVID-19. We wanted to get in contact with you to assure you that Bespoke Load Solutions are still here to assist you with your worldwide logistics requirements. Following guidelines from the World Health Organisation, Centres for […]

Flat Rail conquering horizons and spanning continents with new port acceptances in remote areas

Revolutionising the shipment of Break Bulk cargo, Bespoke Load Solutions have seen great expansion in the demand for their patented Flat Rail solution. Now accepted in over 120 ports across the world, the solution has been successfully used to transport oversized and awkward cargoes across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia. One such shipment includes the double […]

Flat Rail Revolutionises Break Bulk Shipping For OSPL

International container transport and logistics service provider OSPL entered into an exciting collaboration with Bespoke Load Solutions, making use of their revolutionary patented Flat Rail system. An alternative to expensive breakbulk shipments, Flat Rail brings undeniable benefits to logistics providers worldwide. Suitable for cargoes in 12- 15.5m range weighing up to 44,000KG in weight, this […]

First Flat Rail Shipment out of the Philippines

Revolutionising over-sized cargo with innovative and unique loading systems, the Flat Rail is the growing solution for out-of-gauge cargo. Spanning the globe, port terminals are adopting this patented technology. Benefits of such technology omit the need for cargo to be loaded as breakbulk therefore, reducing cost, shipment time and opening up port destinations other than those served […]