Flat Rail Revolutionises Break Bulk Shipping For OSPL

Revolutionising shipping of oversized and awkward cargo worldwide, Flat Rail successfully ships MC- 4 from Singapore to Vietnam.

Flat Rail Revolutionises Break Bulk Shipping For OSPL

February 5, 2020

International container transport and logistics service provider OSPL entered into an exciting collaboration with Bespoke Load Solutions, making use of their revolutionary patented Flat Rail system.
An alternative to expensive breakbulk shipments, Flat Rail brings undeniable benefits to logistics providers worldwide. Suitable for cargoes in 12- 15.5m range weighing up to 44,000KG in weight, this method was the ultimate resolution to OSPL’s shipment of a Monte Carlo (MC-4) from Singapore to Hai Phong, Vietnam.

OSPL commented on the shipment: “With the deal done, NCC loaded the yacht on OOCL services VJS marine vessel ‘Filia’. This was our first attempt working with Bespoke Load Solutions and using Flat Rail. The yacht (13.8m x 4m x 6m) was delivered to our happy and full satisfied customer upon arrival at Hai Phong. We are excited for the opportunities Flat Rail opens up to our customers, enabling OSPL as a reliable and innovative carrier to deliver break bulk cargo as OOG”.

Now accepted at over 120 ports through the continents of Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa, hundreds of shipments a year are being successfully completed faster and more efficiently than ever before!

Flat Rail Key Benefits:

  • Flat Rail is often more cost effective when compared to breakbulk rates.
  • It mitigates damage risk in transit with only one simple top lift as opposed to being lashed to a bed of flat racks with breakbulk.
  • Offers increased sailing frequency with container vessels vs breakbulk.
  • Perfect for transhipment which allows access to those harder to reach areas often restricted with breakbulk services.

Find out more about how Flat Rail works here.

Is Flat Rail a Suitable Option?

The best way to check if Flat Rail is a suitable option for any upcoming projects is to forward the below to jenny@bespokeloadsolutions.com :

– Cargo weight and dimensions

– Routing

– Diagram/photo of the cargo

Following this we will create the diagram into auto-cad, illustrating the best way to load onto the flat rack and how to lift with flat rails attached.

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