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Shipping large modules such as tanks, boats or construction equipment on container vessels often presents challenges for loading and securing at the port of origin while similar issues then arise at the discharge port.

Larger items must be loaded as breakbulk cargo and stowed on a bed of flat racks which are first placed on board. For the vessel operator it means additional time and special arrangements are required for ship side operations, while inevitably for the shipper it means higher costs.

Breakbulk options may also be restricted to direct (port to port) sailings causing frustration for shippers wanting to access those markets served with transhipment container services.

The Solution

Bespoke Load Solutions offers an innovative yet simple solution known as Flat Rail which today provides the answer for cargoes whose dimensions prevent loading on 40ft flat racks.

Specially designed by structural engineers, Flat Rail is a Veritas certified system which is today covered by international patents – a tested proven reliable alternative.

The Flat Rail system consists of two beams which are secured to the flat rack with twist-locks. With lifting points at the end of each beam, the complete unit load can then be loaded using slings attached to the spreader of the container gantry crane.

Typical cargoes suitable for carriage using the Flat Rail system will range between 12m and 15m length and have a width exceeding 2.4m. Cargo weights up to 44 tons are acceptable.

Flat Rail is available on all major global trade routes and served by Bespoke Load Solutions’ network of offices and agents.

Examples of cargo shipped using Flat Rail:

  • Prestige 500
  • Bavaria Virtess
  • Jeanneau Velasco 43
  • Galeon 420
  • Trailer
  • Industrial Project Cargo 
  • Tank