Flat Rail conquering horizons and spanning continents with new port acceptances in remote areas

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Flat Rail conquering horizons and spanning continents with new port acceptances in remote areas

March 4, 2020

Revolutionising the shipment of Break Bulk cargo, Bespoke Load Solutions have seen great expansion in the demand for their patented Flat Rail solution. Now accepted in over 120 ports across the world, the solution has been successfully used to transport oversized and awkward cargoes across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

One such shipment includes the double transhipment of an oversized crate from Norfolk, Virginia to Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Working in tandem with leading international container carriers to gain access to more terminals across the world; remote areas such as Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo are now reachable with the patented Flat Rail system; making transhipment a very simple operation!

Usually it would be considered near on impossible to ship something 482 x 122 x 156 inches weighing 48,740lbs from the USA to the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, for the experienced team at BLS, this was no challenge. Our in-house technical team devised technical drawings and the team set to work contacting terminals to obtain approval to use Flat Rail. With no US flag breakbulk service available, without Flat Rail this shipment would never have been possible. Routing from Norfolk, US to Matadi, via Algeciras and Pointe Noire the shipment arrived safely and efficiently.

If you are looking to ship some large or awkward cargo you can view our list of accepted terminals. If the terminal you need to reach isn’t listed, don’t panic, it most likely means there hasn’t been a confirmed job there yet – your shipment could be the first of many.

Get in touch with the BLS team today and explore how Flat Rail can expand your global reach for oversized cargo.

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